Xena Hattar

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March 22, 2021

Xena Hattar is a mixed media artist, who was born and raised in Jordan, and moved to the United states in 2003. She studied interior design at the Art Institute of Cincinnati, Ohio, and received her associate degree in 2007.

Hattar's biggest inspiration is nature. Even though she started her art journey at an early age using only graphite pencils and charcoal, she had her first art exhibit in 2001 at Al al-bait university in Jordan. She then entered the colored art world back in 2005, and started painting with acrylics and oils, then expanded into epoxy resin art. Xena is a member of two art organizations, RAW natural born artists, and conception arts, and has participated in several art shows nation wide.

Her studio is currently located in the Pendleton art center in Middletown, Ohio. She is partnering up this coming spring with a world famous artist that owns a few galleries in Beverly hills, Chicago, and Jordan. She is currently organizing a few art shows with him at several locations in Ohio.

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