Eddie Nichols

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February 19, 2021

Eddie Nichols moved to NYC from Scotland in 1983, following a course of studies in Art History, Social Anthropology, and English Literature at the University of St Andrews.Following graduation from New York University, where he continued his studies in literature, photography and film theory, he worked in book publishing at Simon&Schuster Publishing as a publicist, then as a freelance publicity writer and evaluator of fiction manuscripts for acquisition for various NYC publishing houses and imprints (Random House, Grove Press, Penguin, etc.)  before turning his attention to a career in filmmaking.

Eddie started his journey in the film world by working with producer Christine Vachon and director Tom Kalin on SWOON –  a Sundance award winning film and a milestone in the  New Queer Cinema Movement. Following SWOON, Eddie worked on numerous indie films of the period – including Tom DiCiilo’s directorial debut JOHNNY SUEDE starring the then unknown actors  Brad Pitt and Catherine Keener as well as Udo Kier, Nick Cave and Tina Louise,  SYNTHETIC PLEASURES – a documentary about synthetic culture directed by Iara Lee and produced by George Gund,  POSTCARDS FROM AMERICA – a narrative feature based on the autobiographical writings of multi-media artist and AIDS activist David Wojnarowicz , and PARTY GIRL starring Parker Posey.

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