Dmitry Reutov

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February 19, 2021

Dmitry Reutov is an interior designer who is driven by a need for change and self-improvement. He keeps a tight schedule as one of Moscow’s least awarded but most hardworking—and now highly sought after—interior designers since his Mexican-inspired Manhattan interior became an overnight sensation with widespread publication all over the world.

The project, which incorporated a large rounded, pillowy sofa, is likely one of the main reasons that so-called “chubby” furniture is considered an interior design trend that will shape the next decade. Dmitry’s signature style is nature-inspired, but using modern materials.

"I’m a big fan of Soviet architecture and design—that had a distinct style. If we walk through the remaining Soviet shopping centers or metro stations, we can see so much terrazzo. It’s also kind of protecting nature. We don’t “slaughter” marble by mining slabs; we pick chips instead and make beautiful material."

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