Derrell Bullock

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February 19, 2021

Derrell Bullock is one of New York's/Los Angeles' most highly respected dancer/teacher/choreographers in the industry to date. Having worked with some of the most influential and sought after choreographers in the business, he has gained a mass amount of knowledge which has helped shape him into the performer he is today.

Such people include, Laurie Ann Gibson, Frank Gatson, Brian Friedman, AJ Akamon, Jamal Sims, Nick Florez, R.J. Durell, Rich and Tone, Tabitha and Napoleon, Kevin Maher, Rhapsody, Sheryl Murakami, and Jonte' just to name a few. He has also had the opportunity to work and or perform with and featured by such artist such as Madonna, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Souljah Boi, and Nelly Furtado just to start. Derrell was also a principal model in the famous Japanese Magazine 'Woofin' and was a featured dancer in the illustrious fashion magazine "NYLON"(June issue 2008). He has been recently blessed with the opportunity to choreograph and dance on the MDNA World Tour and also Co-Choreograph for the 'Girl Gone Wild' music video. He also had the honor of choreographing several projects for Beyonce, including the Music video 'SWEET DREAMS' and was also a contributing choreographer for the I AM Sasha Fierce Tour. He has also assisted Nappytabz on the hit TV show 'SYTYCD' (Season 5 &6), ABDC (Season 3&5) and was also a co-choreographer for a number for the acclaimed tv show 'Americas Got Talent', creative directed by Brian Friedman.

Derrell has taught at Broadway Dance Center in New York, NY, and at various dance studios in the NY area and around the world. You also will be able to find Derrell performing at different stages and venues across the globe. Derrell is currently in L.A. where he continues to train and teach at the top studios Los Angeles has to offer. He hopes to continue to grow as a performer and continue to inspire dancers alike.

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