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March 22, 2021

COLP ONE aka Carlos Ovidio Lagos was born in Rosario, Argentina, a rather diverse, eclectic and offbeat city, while being raised in the heart of a family of artists. These two influences have created in him an artistic style that blends seamlessly with the urban landscape. He has lived in various cities and his wanderlust has led him to places that have inspired his street art.

Currently he lives between two cities; firstly New York, where he paints alongside graffiti legends such as Tracy 168, or he exhibits works with Al Diaz (a friend and co-founder, with Jean-Michel Basquiat, of the SAMO artistic movement) and secondly Barcelona, which he considers to be the perfect place to call home – in this Bohemian, modern and cosmopolitan city. His famous street logo “Adelita” is known around the world and can be seen on the streets of every city, country and continent. Sometimes it is he who puts it there, other times it is placed by artist friends using the “paste up” technique.

One day when waiting for inspiration to strike, with the “C” of COLP, he created such a simple yet complex entity; a ‘signature’ that defies nationality, race or social strata; a “being” that lives between life and death. An emblem that retains a spirit of rebellion, and through which, COLPONE will leave his mark for the coming generations. He identifies with the logo, and at the same time, it identifies him.

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